Welcome to That One Catholic Girl! I'm so glad you are here with me. I began this journey in hopes of sharing the things I'm passionate about, based on the foundation of my Catholic faith. The power of community is incredible, and I'd love to build one here. My hope is that we find we have more in common than we know, and my words can travel from my heart to yours!

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So who is That One Catholic Girl???


I am a 28 year old Catholic girl(duh,) living in Small town Ohio. Trendy things tend to NOT be my thing…like I do not understand the obsession with coffee, animals, or wine. However, the things I do like, I am super passionate about! Thrifting/ethical fashion, babies, Jesus, working out, traveling, sarcasm, creative stuff, food, and writing. Oh, and, my family and this really cute redhead of course ;)

 My goals for this blog are fairly simple. 1) to talk about life as a modern girl (woman? lady? I'm not sure I'm that grown up yet,) with a Catholic foundation and, 2) to create community. Join me?

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love, Bridget <3