Letter 2 - A Story for You

Hey Mags,

Day two. I'm not sure you have really ever heard this story, and so, I think you should. Because it's all about you after all.

Your brothers were born when I was 5, and then 7. They stole my heart from the day I met them, and I claimed them as the little siblings I had always wanted. We had so much fun together, playing wiffle ball, kickball, army men, aluminum foil boats in the tub...but despite all of that, I wanted a little girl to play with. Like, really badly.

For five years, I prayed every. single. morning. for your Mom to have a little girl. God told me no for a LONG time, but eventually, He must have decided it was easier to just give in because, well, here you are ;)

I remember the moment your Mom told me about you, I remember the moment she told me you were a girl, and I especially remember when she let me come to the ultrasound appointment where I saw you for the very first time. I remember the first time I held you, and I remember how I cried when your Mom got your ears pierced at 6 months, because those silly earrings looked so big on your tiny little perfect ears! I remember when you used to say "farkle" for "sparkle," and about a million other things. All of them add up to you, and so, I hold them all close to my heart. 

Now, lest you get a big head, my heart is divided equally between all six of you guys, so I keep their memories close too ;) But now you know, that you chickadee, are a direct answer to my prayers. On that note, a fun fact for you, your first name means "pearl," and your middle name, Elizabeth, means "fullness of God." I like to mix them together in my mind, and think of you as my pearl from God. 

Just in case you didn't pick up on it, pretty glad you were born.


Aunt B