Letter 6 - Be Authentic

Dear Mags,

If you made it to day 6 and you're still reading...either I'm super interesting, or you just don't want to make me feel bad ;) Anyway, today is about being authentic. 

That term gets thrown around a lot now in various forms. Be authentic, be yourself, be unique, etc. No one wants to be associated with being just like everybody else. Usually, that judgement is based off of with what we wear, who we hang around with, what sport we play, how we talk, or any number of other external things. Well, take a look around you at all the "unique" people at the next football game. Everybody is wearing basically the same thing right? And their hair, same basic style, right?

I'm not saying that makes them in-authentic. I am saying that we are coming at this wrong. Basing authenticity on exterior factors just doesn't work. Our authenticity comes from who we truly are on the inside. Sounds cliche, but sometimes cliches are popular for a reason.

In my opinion, the truest form of authenticity is making sure that any exterior signs I give off match what I think is the right thing to do. If you keep your beliefs and what you know to be true close to your heart, you will act in a manner accordingly. That, to me, is true authenticity.

Know what you believe, and stand by it. I promise you'll be glad you did, even when it's hard.


Aunt B