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Welcome to My side hustle!


Meet the owner

Hey friend! Thanks for being here! It probably took a little digging to find since it’s a page within my blog…but I’m ballin on a budget, so this will just have to wait a bit to have its very own site. Point is, thanks for doing the digging, and being here.

I’m Bridget (the one on the right, just to clarify;) and I resell gently used/like new clothes that I find on my thrifting adventures! I’m a Midwest girl, and a big fan of my family, my faith, and that ginger in the picture up there. I would absolutely LOVE to connect with y’all and get to know you, so check out the social media handles at the bottom of this page, and come hang out!


So what’s this thing all about anyway??

The mission of the shop is really threefold. (Make sure you read number 3…it’s the big one!!)

1) I love the creative outlet of curating collections, of the thrift shop hunt, of sharing unique and barely used pieces with y’all!

2) I want this to be more than a shop. I want it to be a community. I want it to be a place where we lift each other up. And I sure hope you’ll join me :)

3) A year ago, I attended a conference, and they showed a video on human trafficking/slavery. Did you know there are more people enslaved now than ever before in history? I didn’t either. It kind of rocked my world. Much of this slavery is tied up in “fast fashion.” We all have our battles to fight, and I’m not saying drop everything and run out to save the world. My goal was simply to create a shop where you can vote with your dollars to decrease the need for fast fashion, while still buying affordable, brand name, fun clothes. It’s a simple way to stand up for the dignity of human life. Thank you for being here <3


How To Shop

Ok so how does this work??

I’m an Instagram girl first and foremost, so you’ll always find the most up to date info there. I’m getting better about adding stuff to FB though, so that’s a pretty safe bet as well!

I will list items with a set price, which includes shipping. You just comment sold, and it’s yours! Payment is through Paypal or Venmo. Collections are always announced ahead of time, so turn on your notifications and you won’t miss a thing.